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Camera Mic VS Off Camera Mic VS Stand Alone Recorder

Comparing Camera Mic to Shotgun Mic, Lav Mic and Recorder

Poor quality audio can be a deal breaker for your video audience. Yup, better audio equals better video. In this video I’ll show you how to get the best audio from your camera and some affordable accessories to make it even better.

We’re checking the quality of the built-in mic, a shotgun mic, a lavalier mic and a separate recorder. The gear includes Canon 77D, the shotgun mic is a Deity D3 Pro, the lav mic is from iRig and the stand-alone recorder is a Zoom H1.

We’ll also mix and match and see what results we can get. I’ll show you how optimize and get better audio from your DSLR as well.

I’m using my favourite Jimi Hendrix quote for the voiceover. Watch the video.

Compare Mic vs Camera Mic VS Stand Alone Recorder

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