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Make Your Own Teleprompter Easily

Using a teleprompter helps make your video appear more polished and professional. However, buying one can be costly. What about building your own? You know, a simple Do It Yourself project.

Here’s the video. The steps I took are below.

These are the steps I took to make mine.

- To begin with, I have a 7 inch Tablet so I started by buying an 8×10 picture frame with glass, not acrylic.
- Then I cut a 10in x 12 in piece of scrap 1/2 inch plywood and painted it flat black
- After that dried I added a 1.4 inch T-nut in the centre so I could attach the teleprompter to a light stand
- The picture frame was added to the base using some small hinges and a folding bracket on one side
- The angle of the glass is set at 45 degrees
- To close in the sides and block light I added pieces of foam core cut to match the angle of the picture frame and base. I tacked them into place with finishing nails and duct tape Gotta love duct tape, right?
- Then, to add sturdiness and a way to close in the camera I added another, rectangular piece of foam core to each side, this time using finishing washers and #6 screws that went through both layers of foam core.
- I cut another rectangular piece of foam core to set on top of the sides, toward the front of the whole setup. (I leave that piece loose for ease of cleaning of the glass.
- When using the teleprompter I add a flag of black cloth over the back part of the teleprompter and over the camera to block out extraneous light.
- The whole thing only takes a couple of minutes to set up when I want to use it.
- I’m using the Elegant Teleprompter Pro app with a 7 inch Samsung tablet.
- You can import text to the app, or you can type or copy and paste
- The app can be operated remotely; I use a small Fentie Bluetooth Keyboard and have a lot of control
- The text can be mirrored for use with the teleprompter
- The resultant text isn’t crystal clear like you’d expect from a professional teleprompter but it works, and cost me less than $20 instead hundreds.

Should the time come when I’m using a teleprompter daily and for extended periods, yes, I’ll invest further. But in the meantime this inexpensive, effective solutions works for me.

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