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Moman EM1 USB Mic Review

My Review of the Moman EM1 USB Microphone with RF30 Microphone Reflective Filter

Recently, I was fortunate enough to win the Moman EM1 USB Mic and the Moman RF30 Reflection Filter in a draw they conducted on Instagram. Read on to see my conclusion on using these products.

See below for a short video where we have a look at, and listen to, the Moman EM1 USB Mic. We compare it to the results from using the built-in mic on a Logitech C922 webcam and to a Deity D3 Pro Shotgun Mic.

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For those who like and under stand specs, the Moman EM1 has the following:

- Works with both PC and Smartphone
- Cardioid Polar Pattern
- -45dB+3dB re 1 Volt/Pascal Sensitivity
- Plug & Play USB Mic
- Real-Time Audio Monitoring 
- Angle Adjustable Shockproof Holder
- Gain and Volume Adjustment
- One-Button Mute

It arrived complete with a 2m USB-Type C cable and 1.5m USB cable with anti-interference so has the ability to be attached to both a PC and a Smart Phone.

Their website claims:

Featuring a cardioid polar pattern, EM1 condenser mic aims at precisely picking up sounds with low self-noise and highlighting the speaker in front of the camera, Even in noisy environments, it provides high clarity sound recording.

My experience while creating the video was that, like the Deity D3 Pro, the Moman EM1 also picked up some ambient noise from a voice in another room. That said, Moman provides a solution to that as well, The Moman RF30 Reflection Filter.

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The Moman RF30 Reflection Filter creates a sound barrier and foam baffling to muffle, if not completely eliminate, ambient sound.

It features:

- Absorbing Cotton Insulation
- 3-Layer Noise Suppression
- Adjustable & Foldable Design
- 3/8” to 5/8” Adapter
- High Quality EVA & ABS

The RF30 comes with its own angle adjustable built-in mic holder for the EM1. As you can see, my desk is rather space challenged so I don't use the RF30 all the time, but it's a handy thing to have when needed.

My conclusion?

My experience with the Moman EM1 USB Mic is that this plug-and-play device worked immediately upon connecting to either my PC or my Google Pixel 4a5G. (With the smartphone I have to turn on external mic feature when connected to an external mic like this) The EM1 doesn't come with a USB to Mini-USB or Micro USB cord so I'd have to purchase separately to use with my Canon 77D or Canon M50.

I find it necessary to have the EM1 placed close to me when recording with it to my computer...like less than 1 ft (30.5cm), preferably within 6-8 inches (15-20cm) as it doesn't pick up my voice very well unless the Gain is turned up to maximum.

That said, the sound is relatively clear and rich, especially for a USB mic at this price point. The difference when attached to the smartphone is quite substantial as you'll hear in the video.

Moman EM1 at Amazon - https://amzn.to/3jepWbr
Moman RF30 at Amazon - https://amzn.to/3A4zQT9

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