Norm Hamilton, Photographer

Norm Hamilton, Photographer

What Is Personal Brand Photography?

Personal Brand Photography introduces you to your prospective clients like no other method. You present your authentic self in visual story telling that describes your personality, style, creativity, passion, and desires. You begin to let your clients know, like and trust you.

It’s said that a photograph is worth a thousand words. In today’s world, lengthy diatribes are overlooked by your customers in favour of the quick emotional response of the story-telling photograph.

Personal Brand Photography connects you with your ideal client. It tells your stories. As prospective clients get to know and like you, it builds trust in you, your brand and your business.

Why is Personal Brand Photography So Important For You?

Selfies and snapshots don’t do your brand justice! Professional images that tell your story capture the essence of you and your business. Today’s client is media driven and enjoys rich, vivid imagery at all turns.

Your photos need to stand out against the competition; strike a chord with your clients and touch their emotions. How do you do this? You tell your stories with photos.

Quality Personal Brand Photography will attract attention and connect you to your ideal clients. This is the first step in encouraging them to engage with you, your products and services.

Who Is Personal Brand Photography For?

Simply put, you. Personal Brand Photography is for every entrepreneur that wants to stand out in a crowd. When you want to tell your story you need more than just a headshot. Personal Brand Photography is for you. 

Ask yourself this question, "Do I have compelling, dynamic images that accurately reflect my brand?" If the answer is no, contact me and lets create together.

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What’s included?   

   -  personalized photographs that tells your brand story.(ies) You are multi-faceted  

   -  high quality images of your products, if applicable

   -  lifestyle shots of your products being used

  -  lifestyle photos of you (and anyone else you wish to include)

  -  photos optimized for websites, media posts and blogs

  -  no photographer watermarks on the images

  -  exclusive, limited commercial use license Investment

Your time and money are both important investments.

Personal Brand Photography makes the most of your valuable brand and attracts the right clients to grow your business. I’ll ensure your images are edited, clean, crisp, attractive and ready to use immediately on download.Your session will include media ready digital downloads and you have the freedom of a limited commercial use license.

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