Photography and Camera Basics Tutoring

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Photography and Camera Basics Tutoring With Norm Hamilton Photography

3 Private lessons – 90 minutes each

Experience the benefits of one-on-one instruction Get a solid footing by learning photography basics in the comfort of your own home or on location – your choice. Schedule lessons at your convenience.

What You’ll Learn:

   • Composition Basics 

   • How to control exposure (The Exposure Triangle)

   • How to locate and use the settings of your specific camera in order to create what you visualize

   • How to use your camera creatively with selective focus, stopping or blurring motion, and panning

   • When and how to use your built-in flash.

Use Creative Modes

Use the three creative modes on your camera:

   • Manual • Aperture Priority

   • Shutter Priority

How Will You Learn?

   • One-on-One discussion

   • Demonstration

   • Experiential (indoor and outdoor)

   • Assignments

What you provide:

Make sure your camera battery is fully charged, has a functioning memory card A tripod and external flash is optional

Your Investment: $175

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