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Product Photography - Catalogue and Online

Why You Should Use High Quality Photography For Your Products

Why go the extra mile to have great catalogue product images? Well, the impact of the photos is the first impression of you and your brand.

Use high quality, professional photography to make that lasting impact. Clean photography presents your products, artwork and crafts in an inviting manner.

These images encourage your online visitors to engage with you and make their purchase. High quality product photos are used, obviously, in your online catalogue.

However you’ll also use them in other areas of your marketing. Where can you use them? Updating your website. Regular social media posts

Images are an important part of all your marketing.

Catalogue images are usually clean, product-only on a white background. Photos with off-colour backgrounds indicate a lack of professionalism in the website. Keeping the bright white background on each image is an indication professional trustworthiness

Clean, product-only on a white background

These photos are used extensively when you offer a number of products. Try to include a dozen or more on each page to keep your visitor’s interest and curiosity. Keeping them on your site to make purchases is the goal.

In this kind of online catalogue they’re usually set in their own space with a description and price. You may also wish to have some special merchandise set as a “Feature Image” that display the product from various angles, if the product warrants it, in two or more photos. Consistency in appearance is paramount in this kind of presentation.

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The photos on this page are of products I use, not products I was hired to photograph.

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Magazine Session

Magazine Session

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